keyword 2-pole SMD DC discharge start voltage 90V
Product Info Product name: SDH4-90
Product code: 11028272

This is a surface-mount type element that has higher resistance than the conventional SD4 type.

Main applications

  • Various electronic devices
  • Communication line protection
  • Switchboard
  • PBX
  • Telephone
  • FAX

The same external shape as the standard SD4 series and common board land pattern.
Therefore, there is no need to redesign when switching to this product.

  • Ultra small size and large current resistance
  • Low capacitance (less than 0.5pF)
  • Broadband compatible
  • Excellent heat and mechanical shock due to the use of ceramic envelope
  • Repetitive surge current resistance and Excellent temperature environment characteristics
  • Embodiment taping is suitable for surface mounting
Dimensions / Recommended land pattern (Unit: mm)
Item Measurement condition Performance
DC discharge start voltage 100 V / s 90 V ± 20%
Impulse discharge start voltage 100V / μs 500 V or less
Impulse discharge start voltage 1 kV / μs 600 V or less
Insulation resistance DC 50 V 10000 MΩ or more
Capacitance 1 MHz 0.5 pF or less
DC holdover voltage

ITU-T K. 12 Table 3 Test 1

52 V, 260 Ω

150 ms or less
Impulse current capacity 8/20 μs, 5000 A +5 times, -5 times
AC current tolerance 50 Hz, 5 A, 1 s 10 times
Impulse life 10/1000 μs, 100A 300 times
mass - 0.3 g