keyword 2 poles Lead wire diameter 0.8mm DC discharge start voltage 2100V
Product Info Product name: Y-212B
Item code: 11009160

Mounted between the neutral line and ground of the communication circuit board and power supply circuit of the 2-pole arrester (GDT) communication device, and used to protect the device from induced voltage and TOV (temporary overvoltage) induced in the line to do.

It is specialized for high voltage applications and supports AC withstand voltage tests.
Main applications

  • Various electronic devices
  • Communication line protection
  • AC power supplies
  • Inverters

・ Small size and large current resistance
・ Low capacitance
・ Broadband compatible
・ Excellent heat and mechanical shock due to use of ceramic envelope
・ Excellent current resistance and temperature environment characteristics of repeated surge

Dimensions  (Unit: mm)
item Measurement condition Performance
DC discharge start voltage 1 kV / s 2100 V ± 20%
Impulse discharge start voltage 100 V / μs 2700 V or less
Insulation resistance DC 500 V 10000 MΩ or more
Capacitance 1 MHz 1.0 pF or less
Impulse current capacity 8/20 μs, 3 kA +5 times, -5 times
Impulse current capacity 8/20 μs, 10 kA Once
Impulse life 10/1000 μs, 500A 10 times
AC current tolerance AC, 1 A, 1 s 10 times
mass - 1.5 g