keyword 2-pole threaded DC discharge starting voltage 1000V
Product Info Product name: Y49-1000L
Item code: 11010653

Mounted between the neutral line and ground of the communication circuit board and power supply circuit of the 2-pole arrester (GDT) communication device, and used to protect the device from induced voltage and TOV (temporary overvoltage) induced in the line to do.

Main applications

  • Various electronic devices
  • Communication line protection
  • AC power supplies
  • Inverters
  • Low capacitance
  • Broadband compatible
  • Excellent heat and mechanical shock due to use of ceramic envelope
  • Excellent current withstand capability and temperature environment characteristics of repeated surge
Dimensions  (Unit: mm)
item conditions Performance
DC discharge start voltage 500 V / s 1000 V ± 150 V
Insulation resistance DC 500 V 10000 MΩ or more
AC current tolerance AC 70 A, 20 s (10 minute intervals) 20 times
AC overcurrent capability AC 500 A, 0.3 s (10 minute intervals) 10 times
mass - Approx. 300 g
Notes on use

When using this product for AC power, be sure to use it together with a varistor.

If the arrester is used alone, a follow current may occur.

We also have AV series (2 poles) and AV3P series (3 poles) with arresters and varistors integrated.