Company Profile

Company name Sankosha Corporation
Founding April 1930
Establishment June 1939
Capital 97.5 million yen
Representative President and CEO Masayoshi Ito
Number of group companies

13 companies in Japan

8 overseas companies

Number of employees (whole group) 1,038
head office

18F Osaki Wiz Tower,2-11-1,Osaki,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,Japan 141-0032

TEL: +81-3-3491-7181 (representative)

FAX: +81-3-3494-7574

Industry Telecommunications machinery manufacturing and sales
Membership of professional institutions

Japan Lightning Protection System Industrial Association (JLPA)

Information and Communication Network Industry Association (CIAJ)

Main business
  • Investigation, research and consulting on lightning damage
  • Manufacture and sales of power supply, communication protectors and lightning transformers
  • Manufacture and sale of general electric appliances
  • Manufacture and sale of measurement and test equipment
  • Manufacture and sales of grounding systems
  • Manufacture and sale of containment shelters, seismic isolation devices, seismic frames, and free access floors
  • Facilities construction such as telecommunications, grounding, earthquake-resistant building
  • Manufacture and sales of communication terminal boards, wiring boards, and distribution boards
  • Manufacture and sales of optical fiber network related equipment
  • Lightning, weather information collection, analysis, and forecasting services
  • Development and sales of computer hardware and software associated with lightning and weather information services
  • Development, production and sales of lightning and meteorological observation equipment
Construction industry permission

[Specific construction industry] Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special -27) No. 4025

  • Electrician business

[General Construction Industry] Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (General-27) No. 4025

  • Building construction business
  • Carpenter business
  • Roofing business
  • Steel structure construction business
  • Tile, brick and block business
  • Interior finishing business
  • Telecommunications business
Sales system
  • Lightning protection sales department
  • Government Office Sales Department
  • Aviation Light / External Lightning Sales Department
  • Communication Network Equipment Sales Department
  • Energy Equipment Sales Department
  • Thunder Observation System Sales Department
  • Railway Sales Department