The History of Sankosha

April 1930 - Sankosha was established at 22 Shin-Saiwai-cho in Tokyo
April 1932 - Moved to present location at 4-3-8 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
September 1932 - Koshinsha subsidiary was established at Meguro-ku, Tokyo
June 1939 - The company was incorporated


May 1940 - Koshinsha factory moved to Kitamagome in Ota-ku and test equipment manufacture began
November 1946 - Became NTT Authorized Cable Terminal Box manufacturer
November 1947 - Became Japan National Railways Authorized “R” Type Protector manufacturer
April 1948 - Developed the world’s first self restorable overvoltage gas tube arrester with a bimetal strip
June 1948 - Improved S Type Arrester and became approved supplier to the electric power companies


April 1952 - Koshinsha was incorporated
September 1952 - Established Telecommunications Equipment Division. Began manufacture of Power Monitoring Systems, Paging Systems, Cordless Telephone and sales to Power Companies, Police Department, etc
May 1955 - Koshinsha developed automatic electric rice cooker which was then sold beginning in October under the Toshiba Corporation brand name
October 1958 - Created and Chaired Japan Telephone and Telegram Public Corporation terminal box suppliers committee
April 1959 - Sanko Tsushinki Company subsidiary was established


November 1960 - Began production at new Sagami Factory
September 1961 - Created and chaired Telecommunications Equipment Committee Cable Materials Sub-committee
September 1963 - Became Japan National Railways Official Supplier of various protective devices for the Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet Train). Developed cable protectors
November 1969 - Koshinsha opened Omiya Factory. Began manufacture of household electric appliances


November 1972 - Received Hatsumei Kyokai (Invention Institute) “Invention Promotion Award” for the development of gas filled discharge tube manufacturing techniques
October 1975 - Koshinsha’s Omiya Factory became a JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) approved electric oven manufacturer
November 1975 - World Products Inc. became an Authorized US Distributor of Sankosha gas tube arresters
November 1976 - Received “Ohm Technical Prize” for static induction powered Airway Obstruction Light
November 1978 - Sankosha Engineering (S) Pte., Ltd. was established in Singapore
October 1979 - Received Hatsumei Kyokai (Invention Institute) “Invention Promotion Award” for the development of Multi-Element Discharge Tube and required manufacturing equipment


January 1980 - Received Rural Electrification Administration (REA) Approval for ceramic gas tube arresters
November 1984 - Became Northern Telecom’s Authorized Distributor in Japan
October 1985 - Koshinsha Co. and Sankosha Tsushinki Co. were consolidated and the company was renamed Sankosha Corporation
April 1986 - Paid-In capital was increased to ¥975,000,000
January 1987 - Sankosha U.S.A., Inc. was established in Los Angeles, California
April 1987 - Developed, manufactured and began selling fiber optic distribution boxes
August 1988 - Krone became an Authorized Distributor of Sankosha gas tube arresters
August 1988 - First issue Sankosha commercial bonds totaling ¥100,000,000
September 1988 - Second issue Sankosha commercial bonds totaling ¥100,000,000
April 1989 - Received Science and Technology Agency Award for research in signal systems using existing power distribution networks
November 1989 - Received Shibusawa Award for 500,000V transmission line current checker development


March 1990 - Third issue Sankosha commercial bonds totaling ¥100,000,000
May 1991 - Franklin Japan Corporation, Weather Information Provider, was established
September 1994 - Opto Techno Co., Ltd. was established
October 1994 - Energy Saving Systems Department was established
February 1995 - US Companies Lightning Location and Protection, Inc. (LLP), Atmospheric Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) and GeoMet Data Services, Inc. (GDS) were acquired and consolidated to form Global Atmospherics, Inc
September 1995 - P. T. Santelindo Kencana, a joint venture in Indonesia, was established
February 1998 - Provided weather information in support of the 18th Winter Olympic Games at Nagano using Dual Polarization Doppler Weather Radar System
March 1998 - Obtained ISO 9001 Certification


November 2000 - Won “48th Electrical Science and Engineering Award” for Development and Operation of Driven-Arc-Type Fault Current Limiter for 6.6 kV Class distribution lines
August 2002 - Sagami Factory was renamed Sagami Techno Center
October 2002 - Obtained ISO 14001 Certification
2003 - Established Sankosha office in Hong Kong
- Development and sale of F Series 3 GHz coaxial protectors
- Development and sale of simple CCTV monitoring system using webcams
2005 - JIS Compliant Surge Protector development
- Developed energy saving Airway Obstruction Light Model OM-3C
- Sankosha’s home grounding kit, “Home Earth” sales began
2006 - Hosted seminar in celebration of our 75th year in business
- Sankosha Guangzhou Inc. was established
2007 - Organized Japan’s first Lightning Protection System Industrial Group and was designated a Director of the group and elected to chair the technical committee
- Faced with the challenge of creating a small size high current capability device, Sankosha succeeded in commercializing Japan’s first three electrode surface mount Gas Discharge Tube (3SD4 Series)
- Became the exclusive distributor in Japan for Doble Engineering of Boston, MA USA who makes electric power company asset (transformers, relays, switchgear, etc.) condition assessment products
- Introduced PoE capable Local Area Network (LAN) protector (NET Barrier PoE)
2008 - Won the Japan Electric Association’s Shibusawa Award for achievements in the area of lightning protection for electric and electronic equipment
- Given the Ministry of the Economy’s Trade and Industry Award of Merit I in the field of Electric Safety
- Developed a coaxial surge protector with high current (20kA) handling capability
- Established Nanjing Jyunkoh Technology Inc., a joint venture company in China
2009 - Sankosha Corporation and Taiseikensetsu Company received the 21st Technology Sector Society Award for the development of the electromagnetic field analysis simulation system to estimate current flow in buildings
- Received the Second Electrical Technical Award for the electrical rice cooker as a “cornerstone development” from the Institute of Electrical Engineers


2010 - Won the “Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade” from the United States Department of Commerce for sales of US Made products in Japan
- Opened Sankosha’s Online Shop
- Celebrated our 80th year in business
- Received the Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade from the US Department of Commerce as a contributor to the sales of US products in Japan
2011 - Our Representative Office in Beijing, China was established
- Received the “Third Engineering Encouragement Award” for joint research in Total Lightning Protection Technology from the engineering association of Japan
- “Surge Print” received the 2011 “Good Design Award”
2012 - Developed a “Smart SPD” equipped with the capability to monitor deterioration in protection and notify the user when replacement is recommended
- Sankosha employee received the Chairperson’s Award from the IEC Activity Promotion Council
- Received a letter of thanks from the Hokuriku Electric Power Company for our work on the upgrade of their central commissioning office system
- Developed “Smart SPD” system with the capability to count and record the number of protection operations
- The Smart SPD Model SMB-MZSR200JK1 won the 2012 “Good Design Award”
- Received the “Electrotechnical Science and Technology Award” from the Japan Science and Technology Education Foundation for the development of a system able to detect and locate winter lightning
2013 - Airway Obstruction Light Model OM-6C equipped with medium light intensity LED’s was approved by the Aviation Bureau
- Smart SPD equipped with “time to replace” indicator was registered with the New Technical Information System of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
- Sankosha Korea Corporation was established in Seoul
- Sankosha Vietnam was established in Hanoi
2014 - Introduced 10G Base-T (Cat 6) Local Area Network (LAN) Protector using isolating transformer technology
- Sankosha employee awarded the 7th Hoshino Prize
- Sankosha employees receive the IEC 1906 Award
- SAN-EARTH approved for use grounding broadband cabinets at British Telecom
2015 - Sankosha employee received IEC 1906 Award recognizing exceptional achievement
2016 - Surge Protector Model GPSP1-L1 was developed to protect GPS equipment from surges entering through the antenna port
- Sankosha Engineering Thailand Co., LTD. was established in Bangkok
2019 - BetaTech and its subsidiary Ace Lion (-Lightning protection system company) were acquired and made wholly owned subsidiaries


2020 - 90th Anniversary